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There are  many reasons that explicitly wished for end of life care preferences of patience are not followed.  One example is the fact that people keep putting off the discussion and paperwork and so often there is no clear health proxy and no clear instruction.   The Government thinks it has that problem managed by authorizing Doctors to charge for having up to a half of of these converations.  You need to know some critical information about this.  How much is going to be discussed with the entire team when time is so short and brief?

Even with clear documentation on paper, the next steps and procedures often make it worse.   What happens is that often the Electronic Health Records contain conflicting information. Electronic Health Records then cannot discern who wanted what.   This is happening more at more in urgent and chronic situations and the advanced directives dont become know until is it almost useless.

NOW, many News outlets are beginning to finally shed some light on the problem.

A  Privately Paid Health Advocate ON YOUR SIDE can assist in making sure the papers are filled out correctly and get to key decision makers in TIME and providing YOU with Peace of mind about your own wishes.  To learn more about Private  Paid Health Advocacy services such as those provided by our company, please contact us via this website.  www.luckyhedgehog.com or by phones 212-600-0234. Thank you and Good night and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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