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Connecting is essential.  Not just machines connecting via the internet, or making connections on social media, but to connect the dots between important concepts or events is essential.    Successful advocacy begins with collecting data and analyzing so as to connect the dots and determine desired outcomes.  Further contemplation of  key strengths and obstacles allows for connection to opportunities allowing goal achievement.

Sometimes connections are obvious.  Those seeking to link the horrendous murders in Colorado to gun violence or anti abortion rhetoric will easily be able to make their case.

Other connections are not as clear, even though quite real.  When masses focus on such “explanations” lost are the innumerable other factors and consequences of such violence.  Today’s agenda affects tomorrow’s direction and the details are often amorphous.

The sunflower might remind us to look for the unseen connections.  Clearly the shape and color of the blossom evoke the splendor of glorious Sun.  Yet, more directly – even though not concretely seen – is the manner in which the stems lean toward the radiance as if there were a string connecting them.

Indeed, illuminating such connections, in every aspect of our clients challenge,  is essential.  Luckily, we know how to look at connection.

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