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Darrel Huff, the author of the classic How to Lie with Statistics would likely have had a field day with the confluence of events that we are facing.  Despite the rise of BIG DATA where we generate in excess of 2.5 exabytes of information daily, the “forces that be” continue to manipulate information to yield results that tend to persuade towards their predetermined preferred outcome.  Thus, by changing the questionnaire the CDC was able to double the numbers of the Autistic population from one year to the next.  By “inversion” Pfizer, at a time that pharmaceutical companies are taking a beating in the US Presidential election cycle, is able to keep enormous sums form tax authorities.  By whimsical selection, the numbers of victims of the ever increasing outrageous violence around the world vacillates wildly.

While some look at the 3Vs of Big Data as Volume, Velocity, and Variety, it would seem more than prudent to consider Verification.  Data manipulated can be used for you or used against you.  To Hedge Data, we look to find the thread that run through it and will bring clients together in a strategic method that advocates for their preferred outcomes.

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