Our services

When you or a loved one are ill it is easy to get overwhelmed. The insurance and health care systems are difficult to navigate when you are at your best. When facing a crisis, you need an ally in your corner whose allegiance is to you. A patient advocate will dispassionately but emphatically promote your interests. Peace of mind comes from knowing that you are not alone. We can be there – committed to your life choices and preferences. We will work diligently and persistently on your side.

Our process includes:

  • Compilation of your medical records and history in a comprehensive Medical Profile Package;
  • Preparation for medical appointments;
  • Collaboration and advocating for you before, during and after any hospitalization;
  • Working with you to carry out the hospital’s discharge plan or a plan of care devised by a home health care nurse.

We provide:

  • Care coordination for individuals and/or loved ones, including elderly relatives;
  • Liaising for the care of a loved one in rehab, assisted living, or nursing home when the primary caregiver is unavailable;
  • Advocacy to resolve billing, claims, and insurance issues fairly and appropriately with minimal stress;
  • Support for chronic disease education and management.

We can help you:

  • Reduce anxiety by preparing for appointments with an organized presentation of your health records and history;
  • Become empowered to ask the questions you need answered;
  • Better understand your diagnosis, nature of the disease, and treatment options;
  • Explore the parameters of your insurance coverage so you can make an informed cost/benefit analysis and reduce costs;
  • Obtain second opinions advantageously;
  • Achieve effective collaboration between you and your medical team;
  • Coordinate your care among multiple doctors and caregivers;
  • Schedule appointments and arrange transportation;
  • Arrange for senior care and plan for end-of-life care;
  • Harmonize authorized family communication and support;
  • Cope with caregiver burdens.

All of which will result in less stress for you.

How we work

Our work begins with an initial assessment, which includes multiple in person or phone consultations. During the assessment, we will compile your Medical Profile Package; this includes completion and review of comprehensive questionaires covering personal and family medical history, and a medication and supplement list. We will then research your needs, goals and resources and will return with a Plan of Action to advance your aims. We can help you navigate the medical and insurance maze and establish your personal safety net.

We will support and advocate, but never treat or prescribe.

We are knowledgeable experts 
who as private health advocates have been successful at:

  • Negotiating surprise bills, reducing them by thousands of dollars;
  • Appealing adverse institutional care decisions resulting in Medicare mandating sought care;
  • Using knowledge of local regulations to enable clients to use cross border providers to effectively reduce time and effort;
  • Managing smooth transition of elderly clients from home to hospital and back home with supportive care and coordinated qualitative multidisciplinary medical collaboration.